Buy Guide

In the Spy cameras market , whether it is U.S. companies or European companies, the vast majority of cameras are from China. Compare to the same products, the price in spygadgetsshop will be much cheaper than the U.S. But we have the same quality.

( A ) If the shooting environment is dynamic not fixed venue, we recommend you to choose some accessory products (Body Wear Cameras - Spy Hat , Necklace Cameras ,Tie cameras,Belt Spy Camera ), manually and flexiblely control shooting, including Spy Watches, Spy Glasses, Spy Pen Cameras, Lighter Spy Cameras,Keychain Spy Cameras which are too hidden to be detected. Basically the price are lower than 100$. The recording time can last for 1 - 4 hours.

( B ) If you are recording at the home (office) , you can choose same all in one fixed spy Cameras which featured long working time and automatic captures , which are too hidden to be detected. Such as Spy Clock Cameras ,Clothes Hook Cameras ,Baby Monitors,Button Spy Cameras.,USB Flash Drive Cameras.

( C ) If you want to remotely monitor the sound in home (office), Spy Voice Devices is ok , example GSM SIM Card Surveillance box shaped like a matchbox, you can insert the sim card and make a call to this number, You'll be able to hear the sounds around the box.


We strictly protect customer privacy, disclosing no information to the third party. As for the spy camera, we will package it and there will never be any words like spy (no our spygadgetsshop logo or mark). We describe it as a gift, and the majority of the goods are in the stock, and please be assured that. If you have any difficulty security issues need equipments, we will do our best to provide quality and affordable solutions.