4GB Car Key Chain Camera mini car key DVR spy camera voice activation images

4GB Car Key Chain Camera mini car key DVR spy camera voice activation

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4GB Car Key Chain Camera mini car key DVR spy camera voice activation Description


DVR Spy camera perfectly hidden in a remote entry flip key for amazing covert photos and videos everytime!

The problem with most spy cameras dvr hidden in everyday objects is that they're easy to spot. Not this baby! The SPY-FLIP-KEY looks exactly like a real remote entry flip key so you can place it in front of you while you're talking to your mark and they'll never suspect they're being recorded. What's more, this amazing spy gadget takes quality still photos, beautiful 30 frames per second AVI videos, and even records voice too!

Now for some super sexy specs - this digital video recorder spy camcorder comes loaded with 4GB of internal memory for hours of video footage and thousands of photos. It features an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to two hours of continuous operation, and easily plugs into your USB port for charging and file transfer. Most importantly, its one button operation makes it incredibly easy to use: press to take a photo, press and hold to shoot a video. That's it! Amazing photos and brilliant videos whenever, wherever!

A few more surprises - this flip key Digital Video Recorder Spy Camera is the first spy camera in our lineup that features embedded time and date on photos and videos! Great for evidence and archival purposes. Another thing we absolutely love about this spy device is that it comes with VOX functionality too: you can set the SPY-FLIP-KEY to begin shooting videos when it detects a person's voice in the proximity!


Voice trigger (sound activation), the device will be under recording when there is voice around the device
A unique design, Hidden easily
High-definition camera, much clearer picture and video
Audio and video recording synchronization
Video Resolution 640 * 480 pixels, 30fps
Built-in high-performance rechargeable lithium  and Built-in Flash 4GB SD


Main Function: DVR Spy Camera and still photo camera hidden in a remote entry flip key
Device Specifications:
- Alloy case
- Color CMOS sensor
- Auto White Balance adjustment
- Focus Range: 150mm ~ Infinity
- Internal Flash Memory: 4GB
- Built-in MIC: Yes
Digital Still Camera Specifications:
- Format: JPEG
- Image Resolution: 1280x960 (1.2MP)
Digital Video Recorder Specifications:
- Video Format: AVI (with sound)
- Frame Rate: 30 FPS
- Capture Resolution: 640x480 (VGA)
Power Source: Internal Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
Maximum Recording Time: ~ 120 minutes
Dimensions (mm): 65 (L) x 34 (W) x 13 (H)

Product Notes

Take still photos and motion videos
30 frames per second (FPS) AVI video quality
Manual as well as voice operated (VOX) video settings
Change the time and date that appears on actual photos and video
Recharge via PC USB port or travel adapter

Package Contents

4GB DVR Digital Video Recorder Spy Camera (Remote Entry Flip Key Style)
USB to mini-USB cable
Mini-CD with drivers
User manual - English
Travel power adapter

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I record video in dark areas or at night with this camera?
This camera can record in areas with low light, but there should be at least some illumination present in order to capture satisfactory quality video.

How far away can I be from a conversation and still record the audio?
The best distance for audio recording is 1-2 meters, with 3 meters being the max.

How do I set the time and date on the unit?
Simply connect the G147 to you computer via USB and make sure the device is turned ON. Then create a text file called Time.txt and put it into root drive of the spy device. Time and date format should be in this format: 2009-10-15 09:06:00 When you are finished turn the device OFF and then back ON and you will now have the correct time and date.

How do I operate this unit?
There are two switches on the unit. One is for Power ON and OFF. Set the switch to ON. Furthermore, press the top button (the other two are fake buttons) briefly once to get the camera ready. Press the same button briefly to take a photo. Press the same button and hold to begin shooting videos. Press the same briefly to stop video shoot.

How do I retrieve the photos and videos I've created?
Attach the unit to your PC computer using the USB cable. A folder will appear inside of which are the photos and videos you've created.

Can I really use the key in my car?
We haven't tried it, but it looks like it can be cut and fit VW type cars.

Why do I have to update the system time after time video watermark, or not accurate enough?
Because the time needed for the operation of the battery support time for each update, the video will be advised not to run out of battery charging time, or before each use to maintain adequate battery power and time calibration.

Why do I host sound playback can be heard but can not see the image?
There may be long-distance transportation in the process of migration caused by the camera, resulting in blocking the host in case the camera angle, use a small bamboo or toothpicks on the camera's perspective correction, but you can not use metal objects corrected, otherwise the host will cause damage inside the camera.

Why do I connect the host computer can not find a removable disk?
Please make sure your computer's operating system, the machine WINDOWS98SE/ME/2000/XP/MAS OS / LINUX system will automatically recognize and automatically install the appropriate driver, WINDOWS98 need to manually install the drivers, drivers in the random distribution CD-ROM inside.

Why am I in accordance with the manual operation or a crash, how can I do?
The machines in the long run there may be an inevitable crash happens, then you Do not worry, just reset hole with fine needle inserted into a press the reset button will be able to restore the factory settings of the machine, if frequent crashes or can not be reset, please contact us, we will help you to solve as soon as possible.

4GB Car Key Chain Camera mini car key DVR spy camera voice activation
4GB Car Key Chain Camera mini car key DVR spy camera voice activation
4GB Car Key Chain Camera mini car key DVR spy camera voice activation
4GB Car Key Chain Camera mini car key DVR spy camera voice activation

4GB Car Key Chain Camera mini car key DVR spy camera voice activation
4GB Car Key Chain Camera mini car key DVR spy camera voice activation

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