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High Speed Outdoor PTZ Camera

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High Speed Outdoor PTZ Camera Description


  • High Speed Outdoor PTZ Camera
  • Full aluminum design for better heat dissipation
  • The first design of wide voltage, DV 15V-AC 24V, no need to identify"+" or "-"
  • Soft address design, can alter long-distance ID address code, no need manual dial-up
  • Auto-identify various modules: Sony/Hitachi/LG/CNB/Samsung/Yoko etc.
  • Show and edit title function containing 16 English letter
  • Auto flip with vertical 180 degree in omni-directions, no fade zone
  • 128 presets, 3 cruise tours, 3 pattern scans
  • Two kinds of scan modes, level scan and frame scan with editable spacing and speed
  • Dynamic privacy zone function, 6pcs for SONY and 2pcs for Hatachi
  • Alarm system with 8 inputs and 4 outputs and support the linkage (recall presets and various of scan
  • modes, tracking, pattern, auto-level scan, home place)
  • Auto activation at fixed time, and can auto execute different scans and presets after a given leisure time
  • RS485 control, integrated various of protocols, Pelco-D/P etc.
  • 3000V lightning proof and surge proof
  • Power Requirement DC15V-AC24V
  • Power Consumption 15W
  • Electric Machine Excellent stepping motor
  • Preset 128 presets, editable title
  • Pan Range 360 degree continuous rotation
  • Pan Speed 0.1-280 degree /s
  • Tilt Range 90 degree vertical 180 degree with auto flip
  • Tilt Speed 0.1-280 degree /s
  • Control Method RS485/Manchester/BI-PHASE etc
  • Protocol Pelco-P/D /Kalatel/AD/Philips/SAE
  • Baud Rate 2400bps/4800bps/9600pbs/19200bps optional
  • Operating Temperature -45℃-55℃
  • Protection Rating IP66, lightning proof, surge proof
  • Color: White
  • Approved: CE / FCC
High Speed Outdoor PTZ Camera
High Speed Outdoor PTZ Camera
High Speed Outdoor PTZ Camera
High Speed Outdoor PTZ Camera

High Speed Outdoor PTZ Camera